It all started in 2004 from the Sydney studio apartment Natasha Sullivan and Hassan Issa shared. Being Mac friendly themselves and with Hassan working for a prominent Apple reseller at the time, the couple became aware of a stirring frustration over the limited range of accessories available on the market.

The idea was simple: to deliver timeless and functional products that complement and protect the technology we use on a daily basis. The first toffee product was the slimline leather ‘Sleeve’ custom designed for the earlier Apple iBook and Powerbook. Truly capturing the brand’s design ethos, the toffee ‘Sleeve’ became a well-known and much loved favourite among Apple enthusiasts globally.

Now, close to a decade on from their first offering, they have spent the time guided by a fundamental commitment to their customer. Nurturing and developing the brand in response to the ever-evolving market, it is not surprising that toffee’s popularity extends well beyond it’s home in Australia.

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