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Base Station integrates a sleek, modern design with a highly functional charging hub. With 3 high-power charging coils, Base Station can charge 1 or 2 phones wirelessly. There are also two out ports: one USB-A and one USB-C PD with an 18 W output capacity.


  • Charges up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Dual 10W wireless charging
  • USB-A 7.5W port
  • USB-C PD 18W port
  • Padded leather wireless charging surface
  • LED charging indicators
  • Ambient light sensor dims LED's at night

How many devices can Base Station charge ?

Base Station can charge up to 4 devices at once. Two phones can be charged wirelessly at the same time, while another two devices can charge via the USB ports.

Can Base Station charge a MacBook or MacBook Pro ?

Yes, both. The USB-C PD (Power Delivery) port can charge your device at a maximum rate of 18W. Note: this will not be as fast as the included MacBook charger.

Does this work with all Nomad cases ?

Yes. All our cases are wireless charging compatible. Although we do not recommend a wallet style case with cards in the back.

Can Base Station wirelessly charge my Apple Watch ?

No, Apple Watch can currently only be powered with the charger that comes with the watch. If there is a software update that enables Qi wireless charging for Apple Watch, then yes, it will be able to charge wirelessly with Base Station.


  • 3 coils with 10W output per coil
  • USB-A 7.5W port
  • USB-C PD 18W port
  • LED wireless charging indicators
  • White: Fully charged, Amber: Charging
  • 1 LED indicator per coil
  • Ambient light sensor dims LED's at night
  • Wireless Compatibility - Works with all Qi enabled devices
  • Does not charge Apple Watch or AirPods wirelessly, use the ports to power these devices

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