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  • Product Code: CP-0103
  • Status: Less than 10 available

Protection from cable damage and fraying

Designed based on the concept a spiral surround, the Lead Trend twist is designed to protect the cable, and prevent the cable ends from ever breaking, fraying or detaching again.

Made from highly flexible silicone the Lead Trend Twist is easily attached to cable ends. Once attached, the Twist is designed to never detach whist unobtrusively protecting your cables.

Twist is available in a range of colour combinations. Four twist cable protectors are in included in each pack.


  • Total protection for the cable ends and will never detach.
  • Made from highly flexible, eco-friendly silicone.
  • Suitable for use on the majority of computer and smartphone cables, including iPhone lightning cables, Mac Notebook power cables, micro USB cables and more.


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