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  • Product Code: 60-150118101
  • Status: Less than 10 available

Not for iPad 2, 3 or 4 - suitable for original iPad only

Protect your iPad screen from scratches, dirt and dust while reducing glare, fingerprints and smudges. New HD screen film is specially formulated to display higher detail while resisting glare and fingerprints and protecting your screen. Static cling adhesive film leaves no residue if film is removed.

Product Features

  • Includes 1 HD Anti-Glare screen film
  • HD Formula provides higher clarity and display accuracy
  • Resists glare, fingerprints and smudges
  • HD Anti-Glare film will not interfere with touch screen responsiveness
  • Added protection from scratches, dirt and dust
  • Advanced static cling adhesion
  • No sticky residue if removed
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing and packaging

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